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Most users hazy about the cloud

by on29 June 2011

What is the point?
Most users are hazy when it comes to the benefits of Cloud Computing according to a new survey carried out by hosted IT service provider Rise.

Apparently more than 91 per cent of businesses strongly feel more needs to be done to educate end-users about the business benefits of adopting a Cloud infrastructure. Most of the firms asked about Cloud were concerned about where their data is being stored, with 64 per cent of surveyed participants identifying this as a key problem with the technology.

There were also fears around security and potential loss of data. But more than half can't see any business benefits for the technology.

According to Steve Holford, a director at Rise, one of the biggest barriers to Cloud uptake is lack of education. He said that a lot of firms, Cloud uptake still remains something to be approached with caution.
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