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Asus U30S notebook tested

by on29 June 2011


Nvidia launched its GT 520MX graphics card a few days ago, but you should know it is basically a faster GT520M. The GT520M runs at 740MHz, while the GT 520MX runs at 900MHz (shaders at 1800MHz).  The memory is up from 800MHz to 900MHz (DDR3). We got the results you see below by overclocking the GT 520M to GT 520MX clocks.


Asus didn’t wait long to show its K53SC laptop with GT 520MX graphics.

We overclocked the GT 520M and tested just how effectively faster the GT 520MX is. Thanks to the overclock, GT 520MX cards are about 15 percent faster than GT 520M.


GPU temperature increased by few degrees after overlocking but it was in normal limits.


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