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New PS3 is for Japan only right now

by on21 June 2011

New unit may show up in other regions later
The rumored new PlayStation 3 model that we told you about the other day has now been confirmed by Sony in Japan. The new unit will indeed shed some weight and use less power. The actual chassis remains the same, however, for the most part with a couple of small exceptions. For the time being it is a Japan only offering.

The new Japanese unit will feature a 320GB hard drive and will now only consume 200W at full power, which is a savings of 30W. Sony has made some changes to the power and eject buttons and the LEDs are gone in the new unit.

We have reached out to a number of our retail sources who tell us that they have no information yet of this new unit making its way to other regions; but we suspect at some point in the future it will. While a number of people believe that both Sony and Microsoft will drop the price on their consoles to stimulate sales this holiday season, if this is the case word has not reached retailers that we spoke with yet. Again, not to say that it will not happen, but for right now no one seems to know.

Read more about the new PS3’s Japanese only release here and here as well.
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