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Halo Anniversary to get Kinect support

by on21 June 2011

Surprising announcement from Microsoft Studios
Microsoft Studio’s boss Phil Spencer has confirmed in a story at GameSpot that the release of Hal Anniversary will offer Kinect support. While the Kinect features will apparently be optional and will not do anything to the core gaming experience, it nonetheless is being added to the title.

Right now, no one really knows what kind of Kinect integration Microsoft Studios is planning, but it is safe to say that they will be experimenting with it to get the right use for Kinect within the game. While no one was talking about Kinect functionality at E3, it is very difficult to tell how much or what kind of Kinect integration they are planning at this time.

The addition of Kinect support is becoming more the norm, as a number of titles will get Kinect support. While it will be optional on many titles, it certainly is becoming the way of the Xbox 360 moving forward. Watch the entire Phil Spencer interview here.


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