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Avalanche to take on Kaos?

by on16 June 2011

We suspect that many will head that way
While Avalanche Studios will not be acquiring Kaos Studios directly, the news that Avalanche will be adding an expansion that will be headed by former Atari and Activision alum David Grijns, which will see the New York-based studio add 50 employees.

The rumors suggest that the Mad Max project will be developed in the Avalanche studio in NYC, but recent announcements suggest a triple A title that will be coming to next-generation platforms in 2014 that will be headed up by Roland Lesterlin.

It is expected that many Kaos employees will likely be headed over to Avalanche to scope out the possibility of employment. According to what we hear, it will be worth at least checking out if you don’t want to try to go to Montreal.
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