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Clocks in Sicily inexplicably running ahead

by on15 June 2011

Gaddafi, solar panels, aliens or plain bad luck
Italian media are receiving reports of rather interesting and more or less inexplicable anomalies in the Sicilian town of Catania. Apparently all digital clocks in the region are running 20 minutes faster and nobody seems to know why.

Thanks to Facebook, this made things just a bit more interesting, as everyone from scientists, housewives and plain kooks with tin foil hats has weighed in on the issue. Explanations include volcanic activity on Mt Etna, government radio experiments, aliens, poltergeists, solar panels, some sort of radiation and a host of other half baked ideas.

One of the more sensible explanations involves NATO bombing of Libya, i.e. heavy use of electronic warfare by western air forces and navies involved in the operation. Perhaps their plan for ousting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi includes messing up his TV schedule, making him miss reruns of Celebrity Apprentice.

With clocks running 20 minutes faster, being a pizza delivery boy in Catania is a pretty lousy deal, not to mention mafia hitmen trying to place a bomb with a digital timer under someone’s Maserati.
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