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Pre-order boycott launched for Battlefield 3

by on14 June 2011

Launch day weapons bonus is unfair advantage
At least some Battlefield 3 fans are unhappy with almost having been forced to pre-order Battlefield 3 to make sure that they get the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, which includes the day one additional weapons (which has called the Physical Warfare Pack).

Some fans are trying to organize a boycott of the Battlefield 3 pre-orders to make sure that DICE and publisher Electronic Arts know about their unhappiness over the decision to force players to pre-order the game to gain day one access to these weapons as well as the Karkand Expansion Pack. Those that do not pre-order the Limited Edition version will have to pay extra for access to the expansion pack.

According to what we have been able to uncover, the decision to market and offer Battlefield 3 was and with these options is totally a publishing decision by the powers that be at EA. Apparently, DICE is claiming no role in the decision making process on offering the Limited Edition version or the pre-order bonus.

It seems that it is a little late in the game for EA to change this situation mid-stream. Unfair advantage or not, it sounds like nothing more that sour grapes to us, but expect the talk to continue.
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