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EA MMA 2 future murky at best

by on14 June 2011

Only good things to say about Dana White
With UFC purchasing Strikeforce, as we have told you previously, the future of an EA MMA sequel was in doubt. While many would like to see EA develop a second MMA title, the possibility is now murky at best, according to a number of sources we have spoken with.

The war of words over MMA video games has pretty much ended, with UFC boss Dana White coming out of the entire thing with EA management heaping nothing but praise in White’s direction. Still, that does not change anything, with THQ’s deal with UFC and their upcoming release of UFC Undisputed 2012, which will arrive next year.

At this point sources tell us that gamers would have to really want the MMA series at EA to continue; and UFC in conjunction with THQ would likely have to come up with some sort of deal that would allow EA to produce another MMA title. It still is unclear as to the entire terms of the deal that EA had with Strikeforce. Right now neither side is talking, but it could be that a deal will happen, but we suggest that you don’t bet on it.
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