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Llano specs confirmed by AMD leak

by on13 June 2011

Seven mobile parts ready to go
AMD has revealed a spec chart confirming previously leaked mobile Llano specs. The list includes seven processors, ranging from the flagship A8-3530MX quad core to the dual core A4-3300M.

The A8-3530MX is clocked at 1.9GHz/2.6GHz with turbo, the 3510MX, clocked at 1.8GHz/2.5GHz and the 3500M, with a 1.5GHz/2.5GHz clock. All A8 series parts feature 4MB of L2 cache and HD 6620G graphics at 444MHz. The 3530MX and 3510MX have a 45W TDP, while the 3500M is rated at 35W.

As for the A6-series, the A6-3410MX has a 45W TDP, 4MB of L2 cache and 1.6GHz/2.3GHz clock, while the 3400M has a 35W TDP and 1.4GHz/2.3GHz clock. Both feature HD 6520G graphics, with 320 shaders clocked at 400MHz. In the dual core space, AMD has prepared the 45W TDP 3310MX is clocked at 2.1GHz/2.5GHz, while the 35 watt 3300M runs at 1.9GHz/2.5GHz with a 35W TDP. Both use HD 6480G graphics, with 240 sharers and a 444MHz clock.

You can check out the details at AMD Italy, here, and Llano is expected to launch shortly, perhaps in a matter of days. (Or hours. sub.ed.)


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