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Don't worry about where your cloud data is

by on10 June 2011

Google claims it is all safe
Insecurity experts should stop banging on about where data is located in cloud computing models, according to Google. Chief security officer for Google Apps, Eran Feigenbaum, told SC Magazine Australia that everyone is wasting time being concerned about data sovereignty in outsourced environments.

Eran "Raven" Feigenbaum said that it was an old way of thinking. Real security experts should worry about security and privacy of data, rather than where it is stored.

Security professionals are getting increasingly rattled by global cloud models where corporate data could be seized by law enforcement. Gartner analyst Andrew Walls warned that punters has little control over what happens to outsourced data once it goes onto the cloud.

Since Google does not give a physical inspection of their data centres, the only thing that users have is a contract. The standard contract has plenty of get out of jail cards.

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