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Telephone system at risk

by on14 February 2008


Viruses could bring down system

It is
becoming more likely that a telephone system could be bought down by a virus. According to a survey released this week at the industry's Mobile World Congress, only 2.1 percent of people had been struck by a virus. However, security experts are convinced that the more developed the mobile market is, with high use of the Internet and downloads, the more likely people were to be hit by technology viruses.

Graham Cluley, a consultant at Sophos, another IT security firm, warned that virus attacks in Japan, the most developed mobile phone market in the world, were far more commonplace than elsewhere. He said that was where the future of mobile technology is and if this problem grows there, then it will happen in Europe.

Commwarrior.infected about 110,000 phones in Spain last year, attacking phones running Nokia's Symbian operating system. It spread via MMS messages, text messages containing an audio, video or picture file.
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