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Cedar Trail should cost less than current Atoms

by on26 May 2011

30 to 50 percent price drop, $199 netbooks
It might be slow sales, pressure from tablets or competition from AMD’s Brazos platform, but in any case Intel seems to think it is high time to slash Atom pricing.

We already reported some Cedar Trail prices and now Digitimes has confirmed them and revealed some new details as well. Intel will price Cedar Trail parts between $42 and $47, depending on the SKU, which is some 30 to 50 percent less than existing N500 series Atoms, which sell for $64 to $86.

The new prices, coupled with a price drop in other components, should allow vendors to come up with somewhat cheaper netbooks, priced between $199 and $299. This should give netbooks a price advantage over tablets, but consumers appear hooked on tablets for reasons other than price and practicality.

It is rather interesting to see one fad squeezing out another fad from the market.

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