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Three new Core i3 in Q3 2011

by on25 May 2011

Fastest at 3.4GHz
Intel plans to launch two new Core i3 processors in Q3 2011 as well as an additional small form factor Core i3 to iron out its already strong portfolio. They won’t cost a fortune, either.

The fastest one, Core i3 2130 is set to replace Core i3 2120 clocked at 3.3GHz and guess what, Core i3 2130 simply ends up 100MHz faster with a 3.4GHz clock speed. It is a dual core with four thread support and in Celeron land, turbo is not enabled. The CPU fits the LGA1155 socket and has 3MB cache. Once it launches, it will sell for $138.

The runner up is Core i3 2125 clocked at 3.3GHz with the same two cores and four threads, no turbo and 3MB cache. At first glance this CPU looks identical to Core i3 2120, the one that is already selling, and the only difference is that the Core i3 2125 has Intel HD 3000 graphics clocked at 850/ 1100MHz while the Core i3 2120 has the slower Intel HD 2000 graphics at the same speed. Core i3 2125 is aiming for lifestyle products, all-in-one computers that are happy with a 65W TDP.

The last on the list is destined to go to small form factors. It is called Core i3 2120T, has two cores and four thread support, no turbo and 3MB cache. Once it launches it will sell for $127. All of them are coming in the latter part of Q3 2011, it’s safe to say that without any unplanned delays, you should be able to see systems based on them in time for back to school shopping.
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