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Leaked OS 7 making the rounds

by on25 May 2011

More than a revised OS 6.1 build

News comes our way that development builds for BlackBerry OS 7 are making the rounds. According to sources, the version is numbered The build apparently is for the Curve 9350 and the 9370 Sedona/Apollo. We hear rumors of an OS 7 build for the 9360, but we have not been able to confirm that this build exists.

While early information is a bit scarce at the moment on what the early build includes, we hear whispers that it is more than a rebuilt OS 6.1 build that has been re-versioned as OS Still, it is a VERY early build and from what we are told, RIM still has a long way to go before being ready to release OS 7 to the public.

Rumblings suggest that some of the upcoming BlackBerry releases still may ship with OS 6, but should be fully compatible with OS 7 when it is released. In the meantime, we will have to wait until our tipsters are able to dig into build a little more before we find out what is actually in this build. A number of places have the build for download if you are brave enough to risk trying it on your BlackBerry.

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