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Duke Nukem Forever has been RTM

by on25 May 2011

Despite all of the jokes, it will actually release June 14th
Well, as unbelievable as this is going to sound, Duke Nukem Forever is gold and has been released to manufacturing. (RTM) No, we are not kidding you; and this is not some sort of an elaborate joke. It is actually going to be released on June 14th in North America.

Some are already talking about the irony and the belief that we must be in some sort of time warp, as it was thought that it would never be released. The list of developers involved with getting Duke Nukem Forever include 3D Realms, Triptych, Piranha, and of course, Gearbox, who in the end brought things together to get the title finally out the door.

2K Games will be the publisher of the title, and let’s just say the fact that the game is finally getting released isn’t lost on this company. Who knows what to expect from the title? We surely don’t; and what we have seen of it so far leaves us thinking that no matter how bad it is, it is going to sell by virtue of the fact that people are going to be curious and buy it to see what it is all about.

So, after almost 14 years of development, the time has come to see it finally being released. Those who have a membership in the Duke Nukem first Access Club will get access to the demo on June 3rd. The game is being released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Retailers that we have spoken with claim that customers are booking pre-orders for the game, so at least some people think that it is going to be released.

Our only problem with all of this is how do we know what a game with 14 years of development should look and play like? The bottom line is that it is going to be released, and no longer will the title be the biggest butt of all the jokes about never being released.
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