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Apple hardware encryption cracked

by on25 May 2011

Elcomsoft banned from Jobs' Christmas card list
Insecurity outfit Elcomsoft is likely to incur the divine wrath of Steve Jobs after it managed to break the hardware encryption Apple introduced with the iOS 4.

Under the bonnet of the iOS 4 was a 256-bit hardware encryption for all Apple devices.  At the time the upgrade miffed users of the iPhone 3GS slowed down as a result of it.  The encryption made Apple gear harder for outside agencies to hack. ElcomSoft however has come up with a method to decrypt bit-to-bit images and this makes decrypted images accessible to tools like FTK or Guidance EnCase.

In a report, Vladimir Katalov from ElcomSoft, you have to have physical access to the device to crack it because you need to get your paws on he encryption keys that are stored in the phone. The software allows coppers and spooks, who have paid money for it, to break into all iOS 4-Running Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

However if you are not legal you can still buy the updated Phone Password Breaker which enables you to unlock Apple and BlackBerry backups. You still need a decent GPU to crack the keys but that is is not really a problem these days.
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