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Runner up Atom Z650 silently launched

by on24 May 2011

Slower 3W TDP part
These is absolutely nothing about the Atom Z650 processor that can get you excited but we were quite surprised to see that Atom Z670 tablet edition has a slower brother.

Atom Z670 works at 1.5GHz and has a 3W TDP, while the Atom Z650 works at 1.2GHz has the same 512KB cache and shares the same 3W TDP. The technology behind this Atom is once again Lincfort and it’s a 45nm part with 1.1125 to 1.5V voltage range. It has a single core with two threads.

Despite its official launch and the fact that it has an official product page here, there is still no official price for this product. Atom Z670 sells for $75 as of May 2011 and the price hasn’t changed since the introduction. We don’t have to remind you much that the price is way too steep for any tablet CPU as ARM-based processors like Nvidia’s Tegra 2 sell for about $15 and they have two cores and much better TDP.


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