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USB 3 controllers on the rise

by on23 May 2011

Standard use starting to grow
Renesas has decided to go flat out in its production of  USB 3.0 host controllers as demand for the serial interface standard increases.

The outfit said that it will double production of USB 3 controllers this year.  Already the outfit has  shipped 30 million units of its USB host controller, the µPD720200, since its introduction in September 2009.

Renesas wants to produce six million units a month from its various plants. Yukihiko Matsuda, the outfit's associate general manager, industry and network business division, said that the standard was increasingly being adopted and there were shedloads of orders.

He added that the company's product lineups will continue to evolve. These host controllers are designed into PCs and PC peripherals to provide support for USB 3.0 interfaces which support 5Gbit/s data rates, he said.
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