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Ultra low voltage Core i7 2677M comes in Q3

by on23 May 2011

With turbo to 2.9GHz
Intel's top 17W TDP processor in Q3 2011 will launch with the Core i7 2677M brand name and this dual core with four threads works at native 1.8GHz. With turbo it can reach 2.9GHz and it looks to be the fastest Core i7 ultra low mobile with 17W TDP to date.

This CPU will surpass the performance of the 1.6GHz clocked Core i7 2657, which can get to 2.8GHz on turbo. Core i7 2677M has graphics clocked at 350MHz and when needed the graphics core can reach a rather impressive 1200MHz. The memory of choice is DDR3 1333 and the CPU has 4MB of cache.

Of course this CPU fits in Huron River mobile platform and with 17W it looks to be dominant before it gets replaced by 17W TDP dual-cores based on Ivy Bridge 22nm core. If 1.8GHz is not enough you will have to go for the 25W TDP Core i7 2629M that has base clock of 2.1GHz and with turbo goes up to 3GHz.
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