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Three workers die in Foxconn plant explosion

by on23 May 2011

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It has been reported that Friday’s explosion in Foxconn’s plant in Chengdu, China, took three lives, which seems to steadily become Foxconn’s way of doing business.

Initial reports claim that the explosion is related to combustible dust in a polishing workshop. The workshop and other similar facilities have been suspended since.

Foxconn is Apple’s main gadget maker and has built quite a reputation lately, what with the advanced methods of installing security nets to mitigate suicides. It seems like the authorities are content to let things be because unlike workers, profits can’t be replaced.

At the time of suicides, Apple said that it will look into the matter closely as they take their supply chain issues very seriously. This time however, Apple declined to comment, but hey – we all know you can’t drive lifestyle without breaking a few eggs. We wonder whether deathstyle is a word.

Last modified on 23 May 2011
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