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Activision unhappy about Modern Warfare 3 leaks

by on23 May 2011

Company vows to find source of the leak
Activision apparently issued a memo that addresses the company’s unhappiness with what they are describing as an “intellectual property leak.” The company apparently has made it known in a memo that has been circulating that the company takes the “abuse of intellectual property” seriously, that the leak is under investigation and they are confident that they will resolve the situation quickly.

Activision is clearly unhappy with all of the Modern Warfare 3 information that was making the rounds which was not part of the “official” Activision provided information. The company, however, considers the leak a significant security breach.

While the news really isn’t surprising, it is difficult when you have a series as popular as the Call of Duty franchise and a large number of people working on it that some leaks are going to happen. After all, people want to know and some people want to tell. While Activision might not have been ready to officially reveal MW3, it is obvious that the talk has given the company a lot of free publicity that they would not have gotten otherwise.

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