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HD DVD camp releases lame response

by on13 February 2008


Netflix and Best Buy news makes them unhappy

The HD DVD Promotions Group released a tepid response to the latest news that both Netflix and Best Buy will move over to the Blu-ray camp. Given the current situation, we are not sure that the HD DVD camp can really say much at this point.

In their response to the latest news from Netflix and Best Buy, the HD DVD promotions group continues to claim that it is still the best format for consumers and it offers both quality and value. With over one million players currently in consumer hands it is unfortunate to see Netflix and Best Buy move in this direction.

What else can they say at this point? About the only real good news in this release is that they noted that Best Buy will continue to carry HD DVD at retail. As we said yesterday, we doubt that Best Buy’s decision to continue to carry HD DVD will last very long, as we expect the retailer to start to shrink the amount of shelf space devoted to HD DVD as time moves closer to the holiday season.

Last modified on 13 February 2008
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