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Android tabs will overtake iPad in 30 months

by on19 May 2011

Nvidia boss believes PC sales won’t be affected
Speaking at the Reuters Technology Summit earlier this week, Nvidia boss Jen-Hsun Huang declared that Android tablets will overtake Apple’s iPad within 30 months.

Huang noted that Android smartphones have managed to gather a lot of steam over the past two years and that Honeycomb tablets should do likewise. He pointed out that Android sales will start to outpace Apple as soon as more developers get on board and offer more content, primarily games and entertainment apps.

Huang also announced that Nvidia’s upcoming Kal-El processor has won more than ten design wins, including five major phone companies and five major PC makers. In the meantime, Apple is looking to hire Lex Luther.

Commenting the impact of tablet computing on the PC market, Huang said that the PC will remain the focus for the next few years.

"As wonderful as tablets are, it doesn't replace a workstation or a high-resolution display… Even as we build these mobile devices - and clearly it is consuming some parts of the PC market - it feels like it is consuming the lower-performance part of the PC marketplace, for browsing content, content consumption,” Huang said.

Huang stressed that PC sales were still strong in emerging markets, with relatively large growth rates in major markets such as China, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey.

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