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Wish all you want, but no Fable II for PC

by on17 May 2011

Too busy with other projects to do a conversion
While PC gamers have been hoping that Lionhead would finally announce a conversion of Fable II for the PC platform, wishing does not make it so. While the release of Fable III for the PC is going to happen, Lionhead is not going to convert Fable II to the PC.

The developer is too busy working on new projects to undertake the conversion of Fable II to the PC. According to news from inside Lionhead, the studio did plan to do a PC conversion of Fable II at one point and a team was working on the project; however, they were pulled off to work on DLC and never made it back to working on Fable II for the PC. Frankly, it is really too late at this point to go back to converting Fable II to the PC

With the release of Fable III today on the PC and in Europe on Friday, there is not going to be a release of Fable II for the PC; and at this point some would say that PC gamers were lucky to get a PC version of Fable III after it had been out on the Xbox 360 for so long.

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