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AMD to use Coreboot in Llano, other upcoming parts

by on10 May 2011

Bye BIOS bye
AMD is planning to use Coreboot technology on its upcoming Llano APUs, shifting away from the venerable BIOS system.

The outfit has been pushing the Corebook concept in the server and embedded markets for a few years now, but this is the first time it will drop BIOS in consumer oriented products.

Coreboot is basically a stripped down Linux kernel which should allow vendors a bit more flexibility, as it can load stand-alone ELF executables, such as Etherboot or SeaBIOS, as well as other kernels.

AMD claims Coreboot can be useful in a myriad of applications and markets, but more importantly it can deliver a significant reduction in power consumption. AMD is apparently planning to implement the new technology all upcoming platforms.
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