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Bin Laden's hide out becomes new counter-Strike map

by on09 May 2011

Did not take long
Osama bin Laden’s final hiding spot in Abbottabad, Pakistan, has been made into a playable map for Counter-Strike.

According to Fletch, the map’s creator there are plans to, perhaps, make this into a “bomb or hostage map” at a later stage. However at the moment it is just a general purpose multiplayer map based on what we know about bin Laden’s mansion.

We would have thought it was a good game if you did not play bin Laden. If you use his side you could only have two armed blokes while your strategy would have to basically be chucking your missus in front of the American seals who are armed to the teeth.

Ratings for the map have been positive although there were those who bleated that it was “Too soon” according to GamePron. (Too soon? More like a decade overdue. sub.ed.)

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