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Hackers hit in Sony breach

by on06 May 2011

Our heart bleeds for you guys
One of the groups of people who where badly hit in the PS3 network crash appear to be other teams of hackers.

According to the NYTimes blog  those hackers who had been doing a roaring trade stealing credit card numbers and personal identities online and then sell and trade this information have seen their business disappear over night.

With the network down, they can't operate. To make matters worse they were making money out of the same names and passwords which are about to flood the market at a much cheaper price. One hacker moaned that he normally could sell a stolen credit card for $5 to $10 online, but that if the millions of cards belonging to PSN users were to become available the price could fall to well below the standard rate to as low as $1 or $2 each.

Sheesh, how will they be able to fund their way through college now? They might have to work at McDonalds like the rest of the world's students.
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