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AMD releases new catalyst driver

by on04 May 2011

Sorts out the browser GPU integration
AMD has released a new version of its Catalyst drives which fixes a few problems users have been having getting their GPUs to run with hardware accelerated software like browsers and Adobe Photoshop.

Lately software like Adobe's Photoshop and Premiere have made use of hardware acceleration (HWA) as have popular playback programs like VLC and PowerDVD. Now with Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Google Chrome, and Opera using hardware acceleration it is important that the GPUs were able to cope.

In the latest version of its 11.4 Update will stop a problem which showed high GPU usage after running Firefox 4 with hardware acceleration enabled. Catalyst 11.4 fixes a number of other issues as well, and boosts performance on some popular games by 15-20 per cent.

There's also an improved OpenCL runtime, and the Control Center has been tweaked with new task-based management options and Eyefinity groups features. Windows Vista user will get MPEG2 video playback hardware accelerated in Windows Media Player and Media Center.

It can be downloaded from you know where.
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