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Samsung hit with Blu-ray class action suit

by on11 February 2008


Plagued with problems from the start

has been hit with a class action law suit suggesting that Samsung knew all along that BD-P1200 was defective. Samsung has had a bunch of compatibility issues with their units and they have released a variety of firmware updates in an effort to correct the problems, but it appears that they have only been able to correct some of the many issues.

According to users, Samsung still has problems playing specific titles and they have not been able to provide a remedy to correct the issues. According to users, even the company’s latest BD-UP5000 is a victim of inability to play certain titles. While according to users Samsung has tried to make an effort to address some of the issues, it would appear that the issues may be much deeper than can be corrected by typical firmware updates.

Samsung is not the only company to have compatibility problem with the Blu-ray players, but it seems that Samsung customers have been the most vocal about the issues and the company’s lack of ability to resolve them.

Last modified on 11 February 2008
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