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Core i7 2920XM is the fastest mobile CPU until Q4 2011

by on02 May 2011

Certain replacement with Ivy Bridge
Intel’s fastest quad core Sandy bridge mobile part is called Core i7 2920XM and this is a 2.5GHz clocked notebook quad core with eight threads. This 32nm CPU has 8MB of cache and graphics running at 650MHz and when necessary, it will turbo to 1300MHz.

The CPU itself can turbo to 3.5GHz, which is pretty nice for a mobile quad core. The bad thing is the 55W TDP, which practically translates to hot lap. Of course these CPUs usually land in 17'' gaming notebooks as they can benefit from quad cores and eight threads.

According to Intel’s current plan, this CPU remains the fastest one until at least Q4 2011 and it leaves an option for potential update in Q4 2011. One thing is for certain - this generation gets replaced with Ivy Bridge in first half of 2012, most likely already in Q1 2012 but we cannot confirm this now.

The price of this CPU remains unchanged at $1096.00 apiece, at least until something faster comes out.

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