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Retailers flooded with HD DVD player returns

by on11 February 2008


More returns than in sock units?

Several sources on the Web are suggesting that during the Warner 85th Anniversary press event that retailers are being hit hard with returns of HD DVD standalone players. The numbers of standalone HD DVD players that are being returned are, in many cases, greater than the number of new units that they have in stock.

While the specifics seem still a bit sketchy, it has been said that execs from Amazon and Best Buy were in attendance at the event. While no one is daring to go on record specifically stating the rate of HD DVD standalone player returns, normally when we hear this information from these many sources it tends to have some basis in truth to the rumors.

If the rumors are true and the rate of HD DVD standalone player returns continues to be an issue, this could lead to a tightening of the availability of HD DVD titles. While it does appear that you will be able to continue to pick up an HD DVD player at bargain basement prices, unless you are going to use it to up convert standard DVD titles, and forsake the ability of the player to play HD DVD discs, we are not sure that there is a reason to buy one. In recent weeks Toshiba’s high-end HD DVD standalone player has been praised as delivering an outstanding picture when up converting from standard DVDs.

Last modified on 11 February 2008
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