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Redbox to offer video game rentals

by on29 April 2011

At more than 21,000 locations starting June 17th
After a trial run, kiosk rental retailer Redbox will officially start offering video game rentals in more than 21,000 locations starting June 17th. The company will offer titles for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii in their rental kiosks.

The company started experimenting with video game rentals almost two years ago after successfully expanding their test offering last October to 5,000 locations. Video game titles will rent for $2 per day, which by our calculations comes to $60 per month; this is a bit expensive in our book, when compared to GameFly which lets you have two games a month for $22.95. If you can find a Blockbuster store, they will rent you video game titles for $8.99 per week, which totals about $36 per month, which is still less than Redbox.

It might be a deal for those that are able to play the game quickly and get it returned to the kiosk right away, but if you have to take your time to play, it can get expensive very quickly. With the closure of Hollywood Video and a number of Blockbuster stores (beyond independent stores that rent video games), your options are becoming limited. So, the news that Redbox will be renting titles is actually good news.
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