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Wii2 to be playable at E3

by on26 April 2011

Nintendo confirms 2012 calendar year launch
Nintendo Japan is now officially confirming via a press release that the new successor to the Wii will be shown at E3, and surprisingly enough, it will also be playable. Exactly what you will be able to play on the new console isn’t clear yet, but the fact that it has been confirmed to be playable is big news ahead of E3.

The brief press release besides the new console’s playability also suggests that it will not make its way to retailer shelves till calendar year 2012, which is what we have suggested all along.

The company does not confirm any of the specs that we have been telling you about, but our sources tell us that they have to have something to talk about at the press conference. Sources tell us that Nintendo took the unusual step of confirming the rumors of a new console ahead of E3 because the leak was so widespread; and there simply was too much misinformation floating around. In addition, it is believed by our sources that Nintendo wanted to take advantage of all of this buzz and keep things at a fever pitch till the console is officially shown at E3.
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