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Sony still working to get network up

by on25 April 2011

PlayStation Network down and players unhappy
The Sony PlayStation Network is still down, as the company continues to work around the clock to restore the PlayStation Network. As we told you previously (and which has not been admitted by Sony), Sony’s network was breached, causing some sort of unclear event.  At first, it was thought that hacking groups with a bone to pick with Sony might be the prime suspects, but they have since released a statement claiming no responsibility for what is currently happening.

According to the latest info that we have been able to obtain, Sony is engaged in rebuilding the network, and at the same time strengthening PSN so that this does not happen again. Sony has specified no timetable for how long this process will take, but they apparently feel that the extra time is required to add necessary additional security to prevent a reoccurrence.

Players that use the PlayStation Network are unhappy. Beyond the fact that it has taken so long to resolve the situation, many complain that Sony is not providing enough in the way of communication and updates to keep owners informed. As one player told us, “If they don’t resolve it by Monday, I will trade in my PlayStation 3 and all of my games for an Xbox 360 where it seems they continue to have a better and more stable online experience.”

Currently, the only games on the PlayStation 3 that are unplayable are those that have DRM built-in to them that require connection to the network. The recent Capcom titles are the ones that immediately come to mind for us. This isn’t the first time that the PlayStation Network has been down an extended period of time, as last March Sony was hit with a clock bug that knocked PlayStation 3 consoles offline. Problems with the PlayStation Network do seem to be a reoccurring theme for the company.

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