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Samsung files patent suit against Apple

by on22 April 2011

The plot thickens
Samsung has filed patent infringement against Apple in South Korea, Japan and Germany, following a suit brought by the fruit-themed tech cult against Samsung earlier this week.

However, Samsung’s legal action should not be described as a countersuit, as the company filed charges unrelated to Apple’s original suit. Samsung accuses Apple of violating several of its patents covering mobile phone transmission technologies. Apple on the other hand sued Samsung for borrowing iPhone and iOS design features in its Galaxy range products, including smartphones and tablets.

The lawsuits are a rather interesting development, as Apple procures its A4 and A5 processors from Samsung and their cooperation does not stop there. Apple also buys LCD displays and memory chips from Samsung.

Both companies have a vested interest in staying on speaking terms and the whole affair might be a way of securing a better bargaining position in future deals, hence it is more than likely that the issues will be resolved out of court.
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