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America to still have PSP Go

by on22 April 2011

Production to continue for American market
In a strange turn of events, Sony is now confirming that while PSP Go is out of production for Japan and Europe, apparently production will continue for the American market for the time being.

Sony has clarified their position on the PSP Go by confirming that SCEA will continue to receive units. Manufacturing and shipping of the PSP Go will remain for the North American market at this time.

We are not exactly sure what to make of this, beyond telling you that retail sources we have spoken with today are now stating that while their distributors told them earlier in the week that the PSP Go was discontinued, it is now apparently not discontinued; and they will continue to have availability of inventory.

Sources tell us that they suspect that Sony still has PSP Go inventory to move and parts to build more units that they wish to unload, and they believe that the North American market is their best place to do this. Unless it is very deeply discounted, we suspect that Sony will continue to have a difficult time (even in the North American market) selling the PSP Go.
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