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PlayStation Network Outage Continues

by on22 April 2011

Could last a lot longer than expected
PlayStation owners have been hit by an outage of the PlayStation Network that continues while Sony investigates the problem. We began hearing about this last night, but we were not sure how widespread the situation was; however, now we are aware that it is down in a big way, and all users are getting is ‘network error 80710A06.’ PlayStation 3 consoles around the world are affected, so it is not limited to one region.

According to the latest that we are hearing, owners might have to brace for the outage continuing at least another day or two before things are back up and running again. Sony has not commented officially as to exactly what is causing or did cause the outage.

While Sony promises to update users as soon as they can, so far they have had nothing more to say about the situation. Hacker groups have been behind attacks on the PlayStation Network previously, but these groups have in the past sworn off attacking customers specifically.
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