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Portal 2 taking hits over paid DLC

by on20 April 2011

Valve releases $80 worth of day one content
Despite the fact that Portal 2 is racking up some of the best reviews so far in 2011, it seems that the user community that has purchased the game so far isn’t exactly happy with one aspect of the release. The grumbling is coming from the pay downloadable content that Valve has released in conjunction with the game.

Normally, players don’t have problems with at least some DLC being made available on day one, but Valve has stepped into a new realm with the developer releasing $80 worth of downloadable content with the game. Many players are wondering why more of this content didn’t make it into the actual game that they already have paid $60 for. (We have to admit that this is a fair question!)

It also seems that players are more than unhappy that the single player campaign mode can be completed in about 7 hours, while the co-op campaign mode can be completed in about 4 hours or so. If you happen to be playing Portal 2 on the PC, you will continue to be annoyed by a message that says, “Please don’t turn off your console,” during the save process. Of course, PC Portal 2 players claim that this is clear evidence that Portal 2 is a port from the console version of the game.

While it is clear that the game has a good story and is a compelling title, backlash from the players could end up hurting the title. It does seem that the talk and disappointment might be a bit much; but we have to think that we are seeing more of a trend with developers getting downloadable content out early on day one to increase sales. We will have to see how this shakes out, but from what we can tell you Portal 2 is a fine title and worth the time to check out.
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