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Cyber crims hope to cash in on royal wedding

by on19 April 2011

The sad thing is they are probably right
Cyber criminals are convinced that they will get the great unwashed to open their poison tipped emails if it has something to do with the UK royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Internet security group Norton claims that online spam emails or dodgy websites promising juicy royal gossip, such as details of the wedding dress or photos of Prince William's bachelor party have already appeared. Norton said it's already found scams and examples of search engine poisoning for search such as "Royal Wedding Invitations", "Official Royal Wedding Merchandise", "Kate's Wedding Diet" and spam emails relating to copies of the royal wedding ring.

What is very sad is that people's lives are so pathetic that they want to get any information they can on two people, who represent an institution which has not been relavant to world politics for 200 years, spending a lot of public dosh on a blow out.

To make matters worse they are prepared to believe that others are so interested that they will be circulating pictures that are worthwhile looking at.
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