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Plextor launches new Hybrid drives

by on07 February 2008


The PX-B920SA and PX-B300SA


Plextor has launched two new combo drives that are able to chew both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray content. Both drives are basically the same, except the fact that PX-B920SA can burn Blu-Ray media.

Both drives are SATA, they have a 4MB data buffer and Plextor's fast warranty service, which is 2-year warranty in the E.U., Norway and Switzerland (collect and return) while other countries are stuck with a 1-year carry-in. Both drives can read BD-ROM media at up to 6x and HD DVD-ROM media at 3x. Drives can also write DVD+R/DVD-R at 16x, DVD+R DL/DVD-R DL at 4x, DVD+RW at 8x, DVD-RW at 6x, DVD-RAM at 5x, CD-R at 40x and CD-RW at 24x. Besides these write options both drives also come with LightScribe technology if you want to "burn" the custom text or some kind of picture on the cover of Lightscribe capable media.

As mentioned, the PXB920SA has the same writing specs as PX-B300SA but it can also write Blu-Ray media, BD-R(SL/DL) at 4x, BD-R(SL LTH) at 2x and BD-RE(SL/DL) at 2x. These drives should be available at the end of this month. The most important part is the price, which is still unknown.  We will have to wait for the end of the month to see.



Last modified on 11 February 2008
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