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Samsung plans 2GHz dual-core smartphone

by on18 April 2011

Should appear sometime in 2012
According to a Korean business magazine, Samsung is working on a 2GHz dual-core ARM processor and it believes it can introduce the world’s first 2GHz phone sometime next year, as a part of its new Exynos brand.

A high ranking Samsung official claims that the company will also offer the new processors on the open market, which means it could end up in quite a few phones and tablets. The company believes the new processors could deliver PC-class performance, which is a rather ambiguous claim.

Although the company rep did not mention tablets, it is quite clear such a processor would be a rather logical choice for next generation tablets, perhaps even netbooks.

However, it is worth noting that other ARM players are also working on rather interesting projects, including tri-core and quad-core processors and some of them should also hit the market next year.

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