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Gigabyte to show off a range of new handsets

by on07 February 2008

At the GSMA, of course

Gigabyte's mobile phone division, also known as GSmart, are going to be very busy at the GSMA Mobile World Congress next week, as they're intending to show off no less than six new handsets and a three-in-one HSDPA data card.

The data card will be known as the MD800 and it can interface with your computer via USB, PC Card and Express Card 34, which covers just about every notebook on the market.

The two most exciting handsets are the MS800 and MS820, both with integrated GPS, HSPDA, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi and a wide range of other features, The MS820 even features a built in motion sensor which can be used to navigate the phones Windows Mobile 6 operating system.

Then there is the MS808, which will feature support for just about every mobile TV standard on the market. The list includes DVB-T (which isn't really mobile), DVB-H, T-DMB and ISDB-T and as it's a HSPA handset it will also work with most of the streaming TV formats.

The q60 has been announced before, but this is the first time we should get a chance to see it in the flesh. The q60 looks quite similar to other email devices with a front facing keyboard.

The MS804 has a hidden keypad behind the display and also features HSDPA. Finally, we have the MW998,  which is a lower cost model with a 2.6in VGA resolution display.

You can find some additional information and pictures of the handsets here
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