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Cooler Master Storm Enforcer reviewed

by on13 April 2011




As far as specs and size go, the Enforcer is quite similar to HAF 912. The looks, however, are different, especially on the front panel. Below you’ll find the Enforcer and HAF 912 so you can see for yourself. Similarities between the cases are plenty though, mostly inside the case.




That the case is robust and tough is clear, although the contours aren’t as rough as on HAF 912.



The Enforcer weighs in at 8.9kg, which is about 0.5kg more than HAF 912. We took of both side panels and weighed them, but it turns out the difference is only one gram. In fact, you can easily use HAF 912’s side panels on the Enforcer.


As you can see from the photos, HAF 912 has a more diffuser surface than Enforcer, but the matte finish means there will be no reflections. Still, nothing solves fingerprints except for a piece of cloth and some good old cleaning.


The Enforcer is painted black, both inside and outside. The front panel and a part of the top panel are made of ABS plastics while the rest of the case is made of steel. The Enforcer measures (W) 229 x (H) 484.5 x (D) 523.5 mm.


The Enforcer we received (UPC code 884102011405) has a see-through side panel without air outlets. The case has two fans inside – one on the front and one on the rear panel. One 200mm or two 120mm fans on the top panel are optional.


The glass panels come with protective cover, both on the inside and out, in order to protect them from scratches.



The front panel has two parts. The top part is reserved for 5.25’’ bays which are hidden behind the door.   



It would be practical if the direction of the door could be changed, but that detail probably couldn’t fit in the price frame.


The Enforcer offers four 5.25’’ bays, one of which will take 3.5’’ devices. Buttons and connectors are on the top panel and can be reached even without the door open, which is pretty practical.





The Enforcer offers 7+1 slot on the rear panel and the PSU is mounted on the bottom. The rear panel also has one fan (120mm, 1200RPM, 17dBA), above which are water cooling holes.


Side panels are taken off easily and the same goes for the front panel. There is plenty of room inside, enough for any card, even HD 6990. Ventilation isn’t quite perfect since you’ll get only two fans, but if you add one fan on the top, the Enforcer will be close to a perfect case. The following photo shows the inside of the case, where you can place six 3.5’’ and two 2.5’’ drives. If you chose to use converters, then you can turn it into five 3.5’’ and four 2.5’’ bays.

The Enforcer is priced at €89 (VAT included), which is definitely not too shabby for a quality built and a really good looking case.


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Last modified on 15 April 2011
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