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PoV / TGT GTX 590 Ultra Charged reviewed

by on09 April 2011


As far as we are aware, GTX 590 Ultra Charged is the fastest GTX 590 you can find on the shelves. Point of View / TGT will soon launch GTX 590 Beast, a card with even higher clocks and water cooling. GTX 590 Ultra Charged comes with air cooling, which does its job well as the factory overclocked card wasn’t too loud during gaming.

While reference GTX 590 cards run at 607MHz for the GPU and 3414MHz for the memory, Ultra Charged’s clocks are 692MHz GPU and 3712MHz memory. This boost will provide for about 12% higher gaming results. Needless to say, but we will anyways, is that dual GPU 590 cards will allow for using up to 4 displays simultaneously, unlike Nvidia’s single-GPU cards that only allow for two.

GTX 590’s air cooling is of course not quite ideal for overclockers, because squeezing out the max from GTX 590 will require water cooling. Of course, PoV/TGT are aware of this and they will soon launch a GTX 590 Beast with a water block. Since we’re talking about hand-picked chips here, our GTX 590 Ultra Charged was quite responsive to overclocking and we managed to push its GPU up to 740MHz.

Those who are looking for the fastest factory overclocked GTX 590 will definitely love GTX 590 Ultra Charged. However, those on the prowl for a GTX 590 that will handle extreme overclocking should wait a bit more until the water cooled GTX 590 Beast hits the market. Point of View/ TGT GTX 590 Beast cards with Aqua Computer’s water blocks should be available in one or two weeks from now. If you chose to go for GTX 590 Ultra Charged, GTX 590 Charged or Point of View’s reference GTX 590, you can find them here.

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Last modified on 13 April 2011
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