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Asus sells 20,000 Eee PCs in Europe

by on06 February 2008


Still out of stock

Last week we told you that the Eee PC was out of stock in Europe, here, and today Asus came out with some sales numbers.

The company claims it has managed to sell 20,000 units in the first few days of sales. It might look like a good start, but a week on and the Eee is still nowhere to be seen. It's out of stock and retailers don't seem to have a clue as to when they will be getting the next shipment. Some expect to have them in March, in over a month's time.

Asus is expected to show off an improved version of the Eee at CeBit and you should probably expect a slightly bigger screen on those revamped machines. Considering the obvious availability issues facing it, the small 7" screen is the least of Asus' worries, at least in Europe. By the looks of it, Europe won't get that many 7" units, anyway, and it might be a good idea to sit back and wait for the new one.

Getting the 7" Eee just a couple of months before the new one comes out simply doesn't make much sense and it won't be an option for many consumers. Hopefully, the new model won't face the same supply issues as the current one.
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