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Battlefield 3 to drop in November?

by on04 April 2011

Might go head to head with next COD title
The first news of a potential release date for DICE’s Battlefield 3 has been outed. Those with eagle eyes spotted a release date of November 2nd in EA’s own Download Manager. If the date holds, it could set up an epic battle of the titans with the next chapter in the Call of Duty franchise from Activision expected to also drop during the first week of November.

The only problem with a November 2nd launch date is that this date is a Wednesday; and typically in North America, games are released on Tuesday. This isn’t to say that Electronic Arts might be positioning the title for an important solo worldwide launch on this day, but at first glance this choice of November 2nd is a bit unusual, to say the least.

Our sources have been strangely silent over the release date of Battlefield 3, only responding to our questions about a potential November 2nd release as possible, but maybe nothing more than a placeholder date while the company continues to figure out which release date they can actually make.

Still, a head to head battle between the FPS titans is something that many would like to see. With the new Battlefield 3 gaining so much momentum from so much advance publicity, analysts that we have spoken with suggest that the momentum is on their side to make a dent in the sales of Call of Duty this time around. Analysts that we have spoken with seem to back the idea that Battlefield will sell well and could make an impact on the sales of Call of Duty; but no one seems to think that they will be able to beat the next Call of Duty this time around.

From the ongoing whispers that we hear, it is expected that Activision will announce the next Call of Duty title later this month, with the first real look at it to come in June at E3. The game is expected to be released in November, with a date of the 1st or 8th of November having been suggested.

Still, everything is unconfirmed; but we do expect more light to be shed upon this mystery soon, with both titles getting an official release date.
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