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Homefront sells 1+ million

by on28 March 2011

Has shipped over 2.4 million so far
THQ has confirmed that Homefront has passed the 1+ million sold and they have shipped 2.4 million units to retailers globally. While the reviews were not as good as THQ and developer Kaos studios might have hoped and the launch was a bit rocky with some issues, the title managed to finish as the 6th most played game on Xbox Live last week.

Homefront did well in its European launch with the title climbing its way to the top of the charts in Europe. The game sold a very respectable 375,000 copies on the first day of release in North America and the pre-order to sale conversion rate was very good.

While developer Kaos Studios is planning for a patch to address some additional issues, the first in a steady stream of Downloadable Content is about to be released. The content will appear first on the Xbox 360 platform, followed by the PlayStation 3 and PC at a later date. THQ is pleased with the sales of Homefront and it looks certain that the title will reach its sales goals as predicted by several industry analysts.

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