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Recording industry damages claim mocked by judge

by on25 March 2011

$75 trillion dollars? Face reality guys
The Recording Industry has made a habit of believing its own fantasy about the cost of piracy to its own operation.
However this is fast proving to be a liability in court. In the case of its damages claim against Limewire, Recording Industry lawyers showed how out of touch they were with reality when they claimed that the outfit owed them $400 Billion on the low end, and at the high end $75 trillion dollars.

Let us put this claim into perspective. The high end of the scale is more than the entire GDP of the whole world. So somehow the entertainment industry would have netted all the money ever made in the world if it had not been for P2P piracy. At the lower end of the scale the industry claims that it would have earned more than the oil rich Gulf nations did in a year.

For the first time, it appears that a Judge deemed these potential damages “absurd” and the plaintiff’s approach “untenable”. It is a pity he didn't lock them up for being so stupid and wasting his time.

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