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Poker Smash & Crystal Quest upgrade

by on05 February 2008

More Xbox Live Arcade fun

Poker Smash and an update to the Arcade classic, Crystal Quest, will highlight the next round of titles for Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade.

Poker Smash is a game where players have to clear rows of cards quickly by arranging them into poker hands. The game that was developed by independent developer, Void Star Creations, will also feature card-blasting bombs and a slow motion trigger to keep things interesting. Poker Smash will also give players over 30 minutes of new original music and will offer 12 achievement levels for the game.

Stainless Games, the developer of the highly successful Xbox Arcade title, Crystal Quest, has updated the game by adding a new score multiplier to allow players to achieve higher scores. The way that it works that the multiplier will increase every time the player picks up a crystal, it will end if they fail to be able to pick one up, or they get zapped. The leaderboards from the older version of the game that was “pre-multiplier” will be retired, but viewable, to make way for the new version of the leaderboards to accompany the new revisions to the game. In addition, Stainless Games has also added some new improvements to the downloadable content.

Last modified on 05 February 2008
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