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Nvidia's GTX 590 pixellized

by on18 March 2011

Specs detailed
The guys from VR-Zone managed to get their hands on a fresh picture of a GTX 590 card as well as what appear to be the final clocks for the card. We already knew that the GPUs should end up at around 600MHz but as far as we know, the card GPUs should be clocked at 607MHz, while some partners might be going for the 612MHz clocks, VR-Zone is reporting.

The card itself looks pretty much identical to the one shown earlier on the slides and the one that we saw back at Cebit. The rumoured final clocks are set at 607MHz for the GPUs, 1214MHz for those 2x512 CUDA cores, and 3414MHz for that 3GB of memory (1.5GB per GPU) paired up with a dual 384-bit memory interface. We are also hearing rumours that some partners might go for the 612/1244/3420MHz clocks, the same on that were detailed at VR-Zone.

According to rumours, the card could end up a bit faster than the HD 6990, at least in some cases. We aren't sure if this is against a hardware overclocked, 2nd BIOS, HD 6990 or the plain one, but our best bet is that we are talking about the reference clocked one here. Of course, Nvidia's GTX 590 will have some additional overclocking headroom as well so the battle will be pretty tight.

You can find more here.

Update: The picture has been taken off as it appears to be fake. Although it looks a lot like the GTX 590, the picture is actually the GTX 295 from Palit.
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